Health Information Service Providers

Health Information Service Providers

The DirectTrust Health Information Service Provider (HISP) Accreditation Program is a detailed and rigorous program aimed at ensuring compliance with a comprehensive set of standards and criteria. It focuses on various aspects including HIPAA privacy and security, technical and operational capabilities, and policy adherence. The program emphasizes mandatory criteria that applicants must fully meet and respond to, including demonstrating compliance with HIPAA requirements, participating in the Aggregated Directory, and managing private and public key pairs in accordance with the DirectTrust Certificate Policy and DirectTrust HISP Policy. This program is critical for entities involved in the exchange of health information, ensuring they maintain high standards of privacy, security, and operational efficiency.

Organizations seeking HISP Accreditation must demonstrate compliance with HIPAA privacy and security regulations. This involves providing proof of a valid DirectTrust Privacy and Security accreditation or HITRUST certification.

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